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    The finished “Fall Flower Fairy” dress and crown. I like how this dress turned out, I think it’s really cute and it makes me happy! Hopefully i’ll be able to get proper photos of in a pumpkin patch or someplace autumny. 

    The whole thing was made in a week from chiffon, organza, tulle, and sixty dollars worth of fake flowers. It was really easy and fun to work on.

    I have three blog posts that about the process of making this, they can be viewed here. I also have three videos about it posted here!

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    Ruby Rose

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  • and now to my favorite part of working out: stretching. 👯💪

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    The Land of Miracles, René Magritte

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  • I love kissing pussies !!
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    all hail goth moth

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    Erik Danielsson (Watain)

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    i will will never not reblog this

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    Fred & Gene in “Ziegfeld Follies” (1946)

    I like Gene in a beard. Yes, I do.

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